Remi Relief: Wool Plain Stitch Layered Crew (Brown)


Remi Relief is a new brand to the shop, but it is a very revered Japanese brand based in LA. Remi does what the Japanese do best, quirky details on vintage inspired Americana using the best fabrics the world has to offer. Founded by Yutaka Gotou, who describes the brands concept as a 'high quality of life'. They focus on the quality of every part of the making process, from the yarn to the thread. The Wool Stitched Plain Crew is a boatneck wool sweater with a layered cotton inner layer that extends pass the main body in the arms and waist. Totally unique and great for the season.

Available in: Brown (shown here) and Navy

Remi (or remix)= "modification"; Relief = "omission". The concept for the brand is derived from Eckhart's suggestion that something good is born only when modification is added to each creative process and excessive items are removed or omitted.

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