Quoddy: Grizzly Boot

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The "Quoddy Grizzly Boot" made exclusively for Canvas. Slightly on the tall side with a 6" rise above the ankles - this boot is a BOOT. This boot is unlike anything you could possibly have in your closet - perfect for west coast winters, Malibu cool nights and from Maine to Manhattan 9 months of the year. Made by hand, Quoddy is a brand that has kept traditional craftsmanship alive and well in the USA (shameless made in america plug).

  • Made with classic moccasin construction 
  • custom navy blue horween leather (yes we like navy),
  • six lacquered eyelets with a 60” rawhide lace.
  • deerskin bellowed tongue to keep out debris and maintain warmth without bulk
  • custom red vibram® sole designed for Quoddy and chosen by us.
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