Keith Richards, Madison Square Garden 1969 (1of5)


November 27, 1969

Rock & roll’s quintessential bad boy.  So here’s the thing about Keith.  I have lived in a small town in Connecticut for the past 15 years.  So has Keith, actually just around the corner.  His kids went to school in town, and he and Patti were involved in the same activities as the rest of us.  I never heard a negative story or even a word about Keith misbehaving.  He’s played at the local pub from time to time and always was a gentleman and all around good guy.  BUT…  when Keith left town, well, we all know those stories.

I think Kris Kristofferson summed it up in his song The Pilgrim:

     He’s a poet, he’s a picker

     He’s a prophet, he’s a pusher

     He’s a pilgrim and a preacher,

    and a problem when he’s stoned

     He’s a walkin’ contradiction,

    partly truth and partly fiction,

     Takin’ every wrong direction

    on his lonely way back home

     From the rockin of the cradle

    to the rollin’ of the hearse

     The goin’ up was worth the comin’ down


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