Gentil Bandit: Round Zip Wallet (green camo) Malibu/Tokyo

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This green camo round zip wallet is made from custom Genti Banti original PVC vegan leather used in Louis Vuitton Bags - a lightweight and excellent water resistance material. With a basic design and that is very easy to use. Coin case, card case, key case, please use freely according to each situation and purpose. A distinctive balance of camouflage patterns that gives different appearances depending on how the light hits . The deep black gradation creates a three-dimensional effect, giving a calm impression. Furthermore, by using Saffiano leather, you can feel a tight and luxurious feeling. Finished with the Canvas . Malibu, "Bu-Happy" Malibu/Tokyo Logo in white.

Size - Horizontal (W) 11 cm Vertical (H) 8 cm Machi (D) 1.5 cm

-Card pocket x 2
-Open pocket x 2
-Small pocket x 1

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