Dr. Martens: Soph.Net x End Collab (camo)


2020 marked the 60th anniversary of Dr. Martens’ 1460 boot. This icon of subcultural fashion was celebrated with a series of collaborative releases throughout the year. A year after the 1460 debuted, Dr. Martens introduced the 1461, which brought the durability, quality, and style that Doc Martens already had become known for, to a low-cut, three eyelet shoe. The 1461 quickly became a fashion staple in its own right, and has stood beside the 1460 as an icon ever since.

For 2021, the collaborative, celebration concept will be applied to the 1461. First out of the gate is a three way effort that pairs Dr. Martens with retailer END and the casual sophistication of Japanese imprint SOPHNET. Their take on the 1461 is an extra bold embodiment of subculture influences, as the traditional smooth leather upper is outfitted in a woodland camouflage pattern and all-over star print, while the familiar yellow welt stitching is applied to a black sole.


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