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As an artist born in Argentina and a local resident, I am drawn to the diverse scenes and people that our community has to offer—this inspires me to paint! As a classically trained artist, whose current work involves mostly figurative abstract pieces, I am inspired by people, human gestures, and the simple beauty of everyday events. The slight movements of an otherwise ordinary person or people’s daily interactions and experiences that may go unnoticed to others, catches my eye. An ice cream vendor handling a cone, two neighbors talking in a doorway, or a Sunday stroll to the “feria”. I love capturing people as they go about their daily lives. As a practicing physician and artist, I am as passionate about helping those around me and as I am in capturing people’s emotions and appreciation for life in my paintings. The play between color, light, contrast, and gestures is my biggest inspiration in choosing a story to paint! I paint from the life around me or from my own photographs and even though my paintings are usually planned, they sometimes take a different and surprising route as my first brushstrokes touch the canvas. The excitement of not quite knowing how each painting will eventually evolve is my favorite part of the process. My brushstrokes are loose and confident and my palate consists of vibrant colors that I build into several different layers that convey a special history, story, and emotion about each painting.

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The Diver
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