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Rolland Berry’s work bridges the gap between Pop art and graffiti. As a multimedia artist Rolland jumps from free hand large murals and pop icon portraits, to smaller works on paper and wood that often combine silk-screening and hand painting. Rolland has built himself a brilliant identity using powerful details such as bold collages, unique color concepts and hand silkscreen methods that are always guided by his own rules and sense of style.

Whether he is inspired by history, spirituality, modern culture, or street culture, Rolland aims to create art that expresses his unique messages and views of fine art and street art as one in the same. Rolland spends his day in his studio working and his night’s wheat-pasting and creating art for the streets.

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Captain Communist
David Bowie
Gun (Gold)
Sold Out
Gun (White)
Johhny Cash
Sex Pistols

14 results

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