Vans Vault: Bedwin and The Heartbreakers Og Old Skool Lx Sneakers (Bandana Multi)


Japanese brand Bedwin & The Heartbreakers teams up with Vans for a sneaker and apparel collection based around the most versatile, timeless and iconic square fabric swath of all time, the bandana. 

Founded by Masafumi “Bebeton” Watanabe, Bedwin’s style has always been inspired by global travel, history and culture— especially when it comes to 1920s and 30s Americana. In addition to his three different versions of the iconic OG Authentic LX, Bedwin & company have also taken o the OG OLD SKOOL LX, still using a variety of colors, but this time in a more subtle manner, with the bandana patterns occupying the medial and the cutout Jazz stripe.

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