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“In life there comes a time when one must have the ‘Cojones’ to take matters into their own hands.” These are words by which Knowledge Bennett, a self taught pop visual artist with roots in Harlem N.Y lives by. Knowledge has lent his talents to creating larger than life visual depictions of creative genius. With an audacious approach, his character re-imagined silk-screened paintings have taking the art world by storm.

“Cojones” is a series where Mr. Bennett has taken a 1989 publicity still of Hip Hop artist Slick Rick, captured by renowned photographer Janette Beckman and transformed the image into various popular culture influencers, past and present.. With roots in photography himself, Knowledge is no stranger to a powerful portrait

“In today’s world of social media saturation, people’s attention spans are at an all time low. The visual artist must present something so arresting, enabling his/her statement to literally stop people in their tracks.
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JFK Cojones (Gold)
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