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Aka: Nick Simon

Nineteen Ninety-One

At 26 years old, CANTSTOPGOODBOY (CSGB), has been busy making his mark in the contemporary art world. A native of Southern California, he was introduced to the world of art at an early age by his mother, a professional art restorer. He rediscovered his love for art during his freshman year at the University of Colorado at Boulder, he became inspired both by the prominence of street art and by an art professor who quickly recognized his abilities. 

After one semester at Boulder, CANTSTOPGOODBOY realized that creating art was his true passion. With a meticulous attention to detail, utilizing mixed media (vintage comics) and other techniques for which he coined the term “RealFake.” 

Collaborations with companies such as Sony, Warner Bros., Coachella Music Festival and American Idol to name a few, show you clearly CANTSTOPGOODBOY.

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The King and I
Lost in Space
Art Is
Emerald City
Blooming Peonies
Crystal Clear
1991 (multi)
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