Previous Exhibition: Fuse by Kandy Lozano

In my world, opposites continually meet.  My paintings are where the soft and delicate, mysterious and complex, intersect with the forthright and grounded geometry of shapes, lines and surfaces. I use this architectural, two dimensional space to define a context where my intuition and instinct can take over. I have my intention, yet each work has my sense of exploration, my sense of play where I embrace what happens when the torch meets the wax. The paint I use encaustic, which is pigment suspended in beeswax—provides a distinct kind of structure allowing me to build up the surface layer by tangible layer. I've learned to control the medium, but the subtleties of temperature, of specific pigment in response to the heat, of the distance the torch is from the surface—all affect the work differently. Each layer has its own characteristics and is a precursor to what will finally emerge, arising organically, slowly gathering the riches of color and shape. 
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