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CANVAS in association with PINCOLLECTIVE is proud to present - 'The Qi of Modern Cathay'. This current exhibition explores the fertile heritage of Chinese culture and presents unique works of art to the contemporary world. By combining traditional and modern productions, the work crafted in limited quantities with great attention to detail, creates a wonderful link between the intuitive wisdom of the ancient culture and the modern audience.


 Ji XiaoFeng

The color of her artwork is dreamy and the theme is daydreaming. The characters under her brush dilutes the depiction of the facial features, but through a dynamic body language reflect the inner world of characters; this allows her painting to form its own unique style and is left to the viewer to imagine and fill up the space. Her creative process is to extract the good things of life and their own emotional and artistic ideas into her paintings from which their are distinctive characters and modern aesthetic taste.

 Yu QiPing.

At first glance, Yu Qiping’s work seems rooted strongly in Chinese traditional culture, but upon closer inspection, you discover how cleverly Yu coalesces the "modern" and "traditional." His works balance between Eastern and Western cultures as well as the transition from old to new. YU Qiping’s work is defined by the meticulous and skillful use of bright colors, in particular a unique shade of red that he has created.

  Pang YongJie

Born 1968 in Shandong, China, currently lives and works in Beijing, China. His signature style of abstract, fluid female figures in his artwork and the sculpture has become his trademark. Those figures are immediately associated heavily with the women figures of Tang dynasty –  of a full, round body shape, extremely feminine images. To the viewers, this unique style is at times humorous in a way yet unforgettably gorgeous.

 Jean-Louis Woff and June Lee

Jean-louis Wolff and June Lee have been shooting together for 8 years. With a focus on editorial and advertising photography, they also maintain a flow of fresh ideas with personal and fine art projects. Among their art projects are Shanghai Circus, China Truck, China Fashion and Sands. They are now based in Berlin, Germany still traveling often to Asia. 


 Gong Ji

Gong Ji aka Frank Hahn, born 1965 in Germany, is a global creative director now living in Venice, California. His entire life Gong Ji was inspired by the crazy street life of bustling cities around the world and the surprising moments it creates. His travels lead him into more than 40 countries, among them India, Kenia, Brazil, Vietnam, Japan and China. The latter became his second home of choice after he decided to move to Shanghai in 2005. In this time Gong Ji discovered the creative power of a new generation in greater China and the limitless opportunities to curate, collaborate or create.

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A Cold Wind Blows
Amazing Moment
Bear One on Bike
Before Dinner
Bruce Lee
Good Dog
Kung Fu Bear
Liu Xiang
Mr. Mao

23 results

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